Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

I am the creator of Perfection is NOT Required and an advocate for Self-Acceptance and Self-Care. I’m here to help you let go of the belief that you are not good enough.

My goal is to help you change the way you VIEW yourself, TALK to yourself, and THINK about yourself.

  • Learn to be honest with yourself
  • Challenge the current beliefs you hold about yourself
  • Show yourself the same kindness you show your best friend
  • Remind yourself that perfection is NOT required

From one woman to another, I have been there. I have struggled with all the things I write about on this blog. Have I figured it all out? Nope. But I HAVE made significant progress and have a real passion to encourage other women.

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Hi!  I am Teresa the founder and creator of Perfection is NOT Required and I am so excited you are here! My vision for this blog is to inspire you to stop believing that you are not good enough and to start believing that you are amazing!  I hope to share information, knowledge, and inspiration that will encourage you to love the journey that is your life and learn how to live in joy and peace today, in spite of not being “perfect”.

How I got here

I spent years of my life feeling “not good enough” and struggling with trying to take care of everyone around me.  It was so ingrained in me to take care of others that I left myself completely off of my priority list.  As a result, I became exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I developed numerous health issues, and I finally realized that I was NOT living my best life.

After years of struggling, I knew I had to make a change and begin the process of reclaiming my life.  But not just any life:  I wanted a life that I loved!!  But to find this life, I had to come to terms with some real truths about who I am and what I believed about myself.  So here it is – my effort to share with others what I have learned so far, what I am learning every day, and the enthusiasm I have to see where I go from here.

What can you expect?

One thing you can know for sure is that what I share with you on this blog is honest and real.  I am a real woman with real life pain and hurt, just like you.  I am not perfect; not even close.  I am okay with that.  (Finally!)  I promise to always just tell it like it is. 

I have good days and I have bad days.  One thing that inspired me to start writing this blog was that so often places I visited online seemed so unrealistic to me. I think encouraging positivity is wonderful and I will do plenty of that here. However, denying that sometimes crappy things happen just doesn’t cut it for me. I won’t hide from the bad days here because I want this blog to be real.  Though I am by nature a pretty positive, glass half full kinda gal, the honest truth is that some days I can’t even find the damn glass.  My goal here is to share with honesty the things I have been through, the things I have learned, and the things that have helped me come out of some dark places into living a life that I recognize as mine.

Save the page!

So if you are looking for some real life encouragement to make the most out of life and be inspired every day (while acknowledging that some days just suck) then you are in the right place!  I hope to build a community with like-minded women where we can support and encourage each other.  I want you to be inspired; but I also want you to know it’s okay, and totally acceptable, if for today, you are not.  That is what this place is all about:  Perfection is NOT required!  And you, my friend, are ENOUGH!

With Love and Acceptance,


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